Are your loved ones prepared to handle your affairs? If not, it’s time to take action! This is especially true if you are in the “red zone” of retirement. The time-consuming part is knowing what information is needed and where to store it so that everyone will know where to find it.

This new book by Jackie Campbell will help people just like you with a step-by-step process for organizing and storing all of your important documents. Use “Be Prepared” as a guide to leaving your loved ones in the best position possible!

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Thirty years ago, an idea Jackie had to “simplify” her life was the beginning of Campbell & Company. The family grew from her kitchen table to three office locations in the Tampa Bay Area, and the world wide web allowed national service to over 30 team members located in multiple states.

As soon as CPAs could be dually licensed in 1998, our goal was to offer complete financial solutions to help individuals and families. Not only with tax planning, preparation, and compliance, but also with retirement planning, estate planning, & investment management.
Our mission is to have a significant impact. We are focused on helping people improve and enjoy an epic, Hallmark™ life that positively influences future generations. We do this by using 360-degree analysis to provide personalized recommendations and ideas that reduce unpleasant surprises and solve people’s problems.

Some of the clients that started at Jackie’s kitchen table are still a part of our Campbell & Company family today. We’ve had over 100 team members over the years, including mothers, daughters, sons, brothers, sisters, husbands, and wives – truly a family business.
We’d like to thank our family & friends for all the referrals throughout the years.

Love, Jackie, Monica & Jim

Financial Planning in Florida

Campbell & Company, Wealth Advisors, and Certified Public Accountants is a full-service financial services and CPA firm. Jackie Campbell is held to a fiduciary responsibility to her clients. This is important when seeking counsel for your financial well-being. As financial advisors, we believe the combination of years in service and experienced professionals enables us to offer a full array of accounting and taxation services, as well as investing, wealth management, and personal financial planning for the benefit of individuals and businesses.

Benefits to You

  • Invest smarter – strategize for less risk and more reward
  • Plan for success with Results in Advance financial planning
  • Help preserve and protect your wealth for seamless transfer to the next generation
  • Tax-smart strategies to help minimize your tax liability

CFP® Professionals

CFP® Professionals

Discover the difference having a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ Professional can have in your financial journey.

CFP Professionals

In The Media

In The Media

You can catch Jackie Campbell and the Campbell & Company team on TV, radio, and their podcasts at your convenience. We will discuss and offer insight on current topics that are impacting people like you!


Market Guard®

Market Guard®

We utilize Market Guard® “to help empower clients with potentially the highest probability of investment success, while helping to protect their investments along the way.”

Market Guard


3 New Retirement Rules That May Change Retirement as We Know It


“As I often mention to my clients, a successful retirement plan is one that must be not only created and written, but also revisited annually to account for changes we can and cannot control.”
– Jackie Campbell


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