1. Set goals– not new year’s resolutions– written goals which are SMART, specific, measurable, achievable, realistic and timeframe. How can you achieve a goal if you aren’t clear about what you are trying to achieve?

    2. Have a Money Plan– a written plan of your 2024 income and expenses will help your awareness and importance of paying yourself first for investing.

    3. Clean up your Messes– getting organized and decluttering can help you feel more productive with focus. This can be your office, closet, emails or messages, filing, car or garage.

    4. Take care of yourself– Although we don’t hear health and wellness as being one of the most important parts of a retirement plan– prioritizing your physical and mental health rewards your future. Hydrate, rest and recover, physically and mentally helps keep you at your best.

    5. Always Be Learning– learning something new– a sport, a hobby, read a book or listen to a podcast.

    6. Be Grateful– find at least 3 things to be grateful for every day. It will become a mindset.

    7. Focus on good Relationships– both old and new.

    8. Find a mentor– whether professionally or personally, someone who can listen, offer advice and encouragement. You can’t see yourself in your own movie.

    9. Create Boundaries– this can be a boundary to protect your time, money, relationships, and purpose. Self-discipline is to protect you from distractions, yourself, and others to assist in staying focused.

    10. Hard Won Wisdom– Learn from your mistakes and setbacks– these are opportunities for growth and mindset change.

    11. Celebrate your confetti moments and enjoy life– this can be a big or small milestone or achievement, or even if you don’t get the result you want, celebrate the effort and intention.

    Write a list of your goals, commit to them, and take action! Without the action, success doesn’t just happen. Make 2024 intentional! Investment advisory products and services made available through Impact Partnership Wealth, LLC (“IPW”), a Registered Investment Adviser. 3567322- 5/24