Part 1 of 5: Childhood & Teens

Planning for retirement is a lifelong process.  Be on the lookout for your age for steps you should be taking right now.

Your Childhood

  • For 5 to 8 Year Olds: Start with an allowance.  Monthly is better than weekly so they can learn a bit about planning ahead.
  • For 9 to 12 Year Olds:  Ideal time for kids to start earning money to supplement their allowance.
  • Teach kids to comparison shop.
  • Teach them to wait for sales and specials on items like clothes and electronics – whether they’re spending your money or theirs.

Your Teens

  • Critical time for kids to learn money management skills.
  • During high school years, you should become progressively more versed in keeping a job, budgeting what’s earned, learning to do’s and don’ts of spending and overspending.
  • Teens should have a checking account and/or a debit card, but absolutely not a credit card.



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